Everything about the powerful WEICHAI engines

Tirage Diesel Truck Engine WP10.336E40 and WP10.270E40, is made by China WEICHAI and designed by Austrian STEYR - The world's first level diesel engine manufacturer.

Generating power

Engine outputs in two existing models are 2 and 3 hp, and considering the 9726 milliliter engine volume, the intercooler and high-turbocharging have a major impact. Engine specific fuel consumption is at least 201 gr / kW and maximum output torque is 5 Nm.

Documents and Standards ...

The engine meets emission standards, engine power, fuel consumption and soot particle emissions according to the latest known European Directive and Regulation certification standards. These standards include Directive 80/1269, R49, R24, R85. This engine uses a common fuel-rail system with electronic control by BOSCH company EDC17 engine control unit.

*Our engine specific equipment and capabilities

* Low consumption of diesel fuel according to EURO 4 + DPF emission standard
* Has high torque and offers maximum torque over a wide range of motors’ RPM
* Generates 60% of the engine torque in the initial run of the machine
* Has smart engine troubleshooting system through DIAG machine
* Very low emission to be qualified in metropolises
* Suitable output power according to machine weight compared with competitors
* Spare parts in common with other marketed products
* Easy access to spare parts through head office and agents throughout Iran
* High service life of engine components and engine main systems with very low depreciation
* Smart electronic control of starter motor performance
* Ability to connect cruise control system and remote control engine for special applications
* Ability to turn the engine on and off out of driver's cab
* Selectable 3 engine fuel consumption programs for different truck conditions depending on the driver’s choice
* One-piece molded crankshaft to reduce crankshaft stresses and to ease eliminating tolerance of fixed motor bearings
and ...

* Includes single cylinders for ease of repair and reduced engine amortization
* Has magnetic cartel discharge screw
* Ability to check engine timing smartly by connecting DIAG device
* Has motor DIAG system with software under OBD II
* Utilizing BOSCH DeNox2.2 engine emission reduction system, centrally located in the engine control unit
* With oil cartel made of a combination of aluminum and composite to reduce engine noise
* With EVB auxiliary brake system designed by MAN Germany as hydraulic cylinders and mounted inside cylinder head
* Appropriate and high quality cylinder block alloy used to reduce engine total weight
* Has a spray nozzle underneath the piston for higher cooling performance
* Featuring CAN system for connecting engine, DIAG and troubleshooting sensors and driver amp plate panel to increase speed, reliability and reduce truck wiring
* Wireless and Wi-Fi connected DIAG

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