NG80A 2634 Series
The company supplies the market with four different types of 2634K, 2634, 1927, 1927K, with distinction in load tonnage, engine power, number of axles, overall chassis length and the use. These trucks are part of the NG80A Generation productions of Benz Group of Germany that supports the costumers’ needs with its appearance modification and being modernized by upgrading the car's features and options as a powerful, technologic and high-quality product.

2634K 10-wheel chassis can be provided in both dump and mixer applications and 2634/50 chassis also known as cargo chassis are provided for various applications such as mixer, water tanker, fuel tanker, longitudinal and transverse canvas crane, refrigerator, firefighting, metal lockers, concrete pumps and water jets.


Comfort even in the cabin ...

The Trucks are stylish, modern with high performance and meet the needs of customers in providing comfort of the driver and passengers.
The cabins include a sleeping space, which has two fold-in and fold-down beds located at the bottom and top of the cabin. Even on the speedometer plate, we have paid attention to the driver's needs and have placed special warning signs to announce periodic services and safety warnings so that the truck's overall status can be updated at any time. These warning signs include: OBD (Euro 4 Engine Pollution Alert) lamp, Engine Inlet Air Preheating Function lamp, Adblue Liquid Altitude Digital Indicator, Digital Engine Oil Pressure Gauge via CAN, Engine Check Lamp (Engine Technical Malfunction Alert), STOP (Safety Alert) lamps and etc that prove the superiority and advantage of our trucks over the competitors in the market.

Special features ...

Tirage Diesel Trucks include special features such as very low fuel consumption. Vehicle fuel consumption depends on road conditions, type of driving, truck load, keeping the car on long stops and so on; therefore, no specific fuel consumption can be determined for each truck. Maximum consumption of oil and its evaporation related to the conditions of use, approximately 0.2% of gasoline consumption is. Low fuel consumption is a prerequisite for proper and on time truck service maintenance. So to optimize fuel consumption in Beiben trucks, a key with three semi-load, no-load and full load modes is installed, which regulates fuel consumption and the output torque of the engine accordingly, and choosing the right key mode is important for optimal power and fuel consumption given the truck load.

Extraordinary equipment ...

* Applying Euro 4 emission reduction system which is used to reduce the amount of toxic gases (NOx oxides) produced by combustion. The most effective material used to reduce these pollutants is Adblue liquid, which is stored in a white tank adjacent to the fuel tank.
* Applying Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system which is designed and used to remove diesel or soot particles. The system has been installed on Tirage Diesel trucks of since 2018.
* Applying Tachograph system in the cabin as in other European brands. In most countries it is used as an essential tool in the road transport system. The system is a data recording one that records essential information on a paper disk or speedometer plate. This information can include items like the speed of the car, time of departure, duration of the journey on a particular route, and the mileage of the vehicle.


برای دانلود کاتالوگ محصولات سری 2634 خواهشمند است از دکمه های روبرو استفاده نمایید .

Everything about the powerful WEICHAI engines

Tirage Diesel Truck Engine WP10.336E40 and WP10.270E40, is made by China WEICHAI and designed by Austrian STEYR - The world's first level diesel engine manufacturer.

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